CIMA Membership Program

Would you like to pay modest monthly dues starting at only $50 (for up to four family members) and only $25 for an office visit that include many extras like lab work, and x-rays? Even though our Membership Program is not an insurance, it saves you money if you or a family member has a chronic disease or need to visit a doctor on a regular basis. This solution is a perfect fit for families and anyone looking to have a doctor on call.

With the CIMA Medical Solutions Membership Program from CIMA Medical Centers, you can save money on medical visits!

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CIMA Solutions & FAQ's

Anyone without health insurance, people who are underinsured, or those with high-deductible healthcare plans.
NO! CIMA Medical Solutions is not insurance. It is a membership program with low monthly dues and reduced-price office visit fees.
$65 per month up to four family members (extra charge for additional family member) and $50 per office visit.
With Healthcare costs on the rise, a membership solution that is effective and affordable is available through Cima Medical.
The process is Fast & EasyApply Now and start saving money. Simply fill out the application below and we will review your information.

• You will have immediate access, with your membership beginning on the next business day.

• You will not be denied membership due to previous illnesses or injuries.

• You may cancel your membership at any time.

• Family & Corporate discounts available.

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"If you do not recieve a call within 2 hours please contact our office directly."

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