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At CIMA Medical Centers we understand that medical care can be expensive, we want to make healthcare costs less of a burden to you. CIMA DPC Program is a medical membership program that allows you to pay monthly (minimum of 3 months) and then receive an unlimited number of medical visits within a month for a greatly reduced rate. All lab work, X-rays, tests, and procedures that can be done within our clinic are covered. All medications, injections, and some immunizations are covered. We are committed to providing affordable, quality care to you. Call (702) 476-2287 for more information.

With the CIMA DPC Membership Program, you can save money on medical visits! 

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You pay a monthly fee of $55 and every visit to our clinic will cost you only $5. This visit fee includes any test, any medication, and some immunizations that we give at CIMA Medical Centers. If a test needs to be done that is not performed within our facility then this will be an extra cost in addition to the visit fee. Pediatric vaccinations will also cost extra, however at a discounted rate. All procedures that are typically performed at CIMA Medical Centers will also be covered. For families of 4 or more the monthly cost is $200/month with a visit fee still of only $5 per member. There is a 3 month membership minimum, but you may sign up for as long as you would like. You can pay monthly. Corporate memberships are priced similar, but may vary according to number of employees. The plan is only valid during the normal business of hours of the clinic.

Keep in mind that this is not Medical Insurance and should not be treated as such. It is a membership at the CIMA Medical Centers that entitles CIMA patients healthcare at a much reduced rate.


CIMA DPC Membership Program FAQ

What is the CIMA DPC Membership Program ?

A monthly medical program for anyone without health insurance, people who are uninsured, or those with high-deductible healthcare plans. Designed as a monthly membership, it benefits customers who may visit urgent care more frequently.  Members pay a low monthly fee and can cancel at any time if they no longer need the service.

Who can apply?

This solution is a perfect fit for individuals, families, corporations and anyone looking to have a doctor on call.

How much does it cost?

After your 90 day pre-paid installment period is complete, membership fees are withdrawn every 30 days and will automatically deducted from the payment detail you have provided. With the CIMA DPC Membership Program you will receive comprehensive medical care for only $55 per month membership fee and $5 per visit.

What is covered under my membership?

Almost all services provided at our clinics are covered, including X-rays. Your membership DOES NOT cover the following: prescription medications, durable medical equipment (crutches, splints), and services performed by outside facilities (such as specialist visits and lab work done outside the clinic). Some types of physicals and immunizations are also not covered.

Services include but are not limited to:

– Wound Treatment

– X-rays

– Fractures, Strains & Sprains  

– Cough & Congestion

– Stitches / Suturing / Stapling

– Allergic Reactions

– Flu Symptoms & Sore Throat  

– Allergies

– Gastrointestinal Disorders

– STD Treatment

– Urinary Tract Infections

– Burns

– Ear & Eye Infections

– Asthma

– Abscess Incision & Drainage  

– Fever

– Rashes & Skin Allergies

– Migraine

– Sinus Infections

– Bronchitis

– Athlete’s Foot / Fungal Infection

– and more

Do I have to have insurance?

No. When you pay out of pocket, your urgent care visit costs can be upwards of $275. Using an emergency room could cost you $800 or more and could take hours for you to see a provider. With the CIMA DPC Membership Program, you have access to a cost-effective solution to that gets you the immediate healthcare assistance you need for non-life-threatening illness and injuries.

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